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Thank you Tom, you make me happy more and more!
Oh...you look so cool!


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@музыка: "You're So Cool" True Romance

@настроение: In Love

@темы: Tom


This two amazing, wonderful, awesome persons, conquered my heart.

I can't describe in words, I don't have enough adjectives...

Tom Hiddleston
They're amazing, these guys. And the technicality required, as well. I mean, one of the thrilling days for me was doing the practice charge with Ben, when we're all dressed in our Navy blue military dress -
Benedict Cumberbatch
Sergeant Pepper ...

“But it’s been amazing to be alongside him too, because we started our training for War Horse the Monday after the first episode of Sherlock ever aired on television. So I was kind of right next to him as I watched his life change.” - Tom Hiddleston on Benedict Cumberbatch

“He’s an action man, he’s got the looks, he’s an incredibly talented actor and one of the finest of our generation, and a friend.”— Benedict Cumberbatch on Tom Hiddleston

@музыка: Masterpeice - Madonna

@настроение: Never Stop

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What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring!